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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done an outfit post and quite a few things have changed: I chopped my hair & got highlights and got new specs! A big part of why I haven’t done any outfit posts is that I was feeling stuck in a rut with my looks. Choosing outfits has always been a means for me to express myself and use my right brain in a life that’s often very left-brain-focused. At the risk of sounding obnoxious and pretentious: to me, fashion is art.

I looked in the mirror after getting dressed and just didn’t feel very ‘me’ so I made some changes! And I’m so so glad that I did.

So back to this outfit, since it’s been relatively warm the past couple days I finally got a chance to wear one of my favorite pieces: this mustard midi skirt (also seen here). I paired it with a sleeveless collared floral blouse with a thin gray-blue sweater over.

I’ve gushed about Ladies Who Lunch,the cutest online vintage clothing store, in previous posts and I’m not stopping now! It’s run by one of my good friends and she finds all these one of a kind pieces herself and sells them at such affordable prices! I’m all about supporting small businesses and Ladies Who Lunch is definitely one of my favorites. Hafsa does a phenomenal job finding pieces for women of all sizes and styles. You can also check out their Instagram here for more regular updates on all new pieces. I’m currently gushing over all their incoming denim!

Of course, gotta keep the top knot alive even if my hair is too short to pull it all in! You can see some of my balayage highlights here and in the photo below.


We have our Doctoring class today, where we learn how to do patient interviews in compassionate and culturally sensitive way, so this is more of a ‘professional’ look. Today’s topic is transgender health so I’m definitely really excited about that!

My glasses are the ‘Otis’ frame in mulled cider by Warby Parker. I wasn’t sure if I loooooved them but they’re definitely growing on me and I was really over my other glasses after having them for almost three years. It’s definitely nice to actually be able to see the way I’m supposed to see. Med school takes up a lot of time but it’s so important to make time to take care of your own health!   

For details, I kept it really simple. I just have on the ring I picked up on our trip to Arizona a few months ago. And I’m wearing my Steve Madden booties that I got at a ridiculous price at Macy’s a while back.

We don’t have class for a couple hours but I came to campus early so to get in some studying before lecture. I’ve been trying really hard to be consistent about my sleeping habits: usually in bed by 12:30AM and out of bed by 8:30AM. I’ve also been sleeping a lot better ever since cutting out caffeine. I usually just have a cup of green tea or decaf coffee every couple days. Hoping I can keep that up throughout finals!

4 thoughts on “back to me

  1. I completely agree – fashion is art! you look beautiful 🙂 if you want, stalk through my blog until you find a post where I ranted about fashion being art 😉
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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