academic advising

for some time now, i’ve grown uncomfortable with the idea of charging for the academic advising services that i offer and, now that i’ve graduated from medical school, the quote below perfectly encompasses my internal struggle:

“I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.”

― Toni Morrison

i understand that offering services like these without compensation is not an option for some. as an unmatched and currently unemployed physician, i’m also concerned about the loss of income. but if i’ve learned anything over the past few weeks, it’s that i have to make sacrifices in this moment. i can’t just say Black Lives Matter, i must act accordingly. so, i’m here with this humble offering as i continue to find ways to do all that i can with this platform you all have graciously given me.

some updated logistics/tldr:

  • i will no longer be requesting financial compensation for advising
  • folks who come from communities that are underrepresented in medicine will be prioritized if/when there are multiple requests
  • those who are not from underrepresented communities are highly encouraged to make a donation to a local anti-racist organization in your community
  • no one will be turned away due to inability to make a donation
  • email for more info & allow at least 1 week for a response

services offered include:

  • personal statement edits; via googledocs
    • medical school applications
    • college applications
    • MPH applications
  • one-on-one advising; 30 minute sessions over the phone
    • choosing schools
    • requesting LORs
    • interviews
    • classes and scheduling
    • extracurricular activities & research
    • gap years

i, of course, cannot guarantee anyone’s acceptance but i have mentored and advised folks at various stages in their journey. i’m grateful to have played the little part i did in helping them get to where they are now. below you can read a few testimonials.


  • “Anum provided an incredible amount of support for me in my path to medical school. Whether it was how to study for the MCAT, to writing personal statements, preparing for interviews, and to simply just be an ear to listen to my anxiety-filled worries, I knew that I could count on her. When I later was accepted, I couldn’t help but thank her for her guidance in every step along the way.” PP, UC Irvine SOM c/o 2020
  • “Anum taught me that gaining admission medical school goes far beyond just checking boxes. It is about weaving your passions with medicine and allowing your best qualities to show through your long-term commitments. She was a fundamental influence in urging me to pursue my passion for academia, which I believe helped set my application apart from others. With over 25 interviews, I ultimately had a successful application cycle and was accepted to my dream school. This would not have been possible had she not guided me through the first steps, and I feel incredibly blessed to have learned from her.” NN, Stanford SOM c/o 2022
  • “I first reached out to Anum for help when I started to study for my MCAT. I was nervous, terrified, and had no idea what to expect from the test. Anum spent hours on the phone with me, giving me the helpful and calming advice that I needed to approach this test confidently. She was there for me throughout the entire process— checking in every few weeks to make sure I was doing alright. Having the support of someone who had been through the same thing that I was going through was incredibly helpful. After my MCAT, Anum and I stayed in touch and she became one of my mentors throughout the medical school application process. She guided me as I collected letters of recommendation, put together my activities section, and wrote my personal statement (she read draft after draft for this one!). When I got into medical school, she was one of the first to find out! She was always a call away— Anum is ALWAYS there for her mentees. While I loved and appreciated this trait, what I loved most about being Anum’s mentee is how she understood every challenge and hurdle that I was facing. She truly understands what it feels like to be in the applicant’s seat and will never let you feel alone in the process.”MH, University of Arizona COM c/o 2021
  • “Anum was a huge help when I was applying to medical school and I would highly recommend her as a resource! I actually met her in undergrad and she was the first person who told me about osteopathic medicine. At the time, I felt like I would never be good enough for medical school but she was so supportive and really changed my outlook on who I was as an applicant. When I did start getting interviews, Anum gave me extremely helpful tips that I never would have thought to prepare for. It was obvious that she had created a very thoughtful and thorough system of approaching interviews and it really paid off!”SB, Touro University California c/o 2020
  • “Anum was a huge help when it came to applying to medical school. The whole process is nerve wracking, so it helps to have someone to help you along the way. Anum helped me edit the many essays I wrote, and gave me valuable advice when it came to preparing for interviews!”CB, UC Riverside SOM c/o 2020


Email with the services you’re interested in and allow one week for a review of your application. Because I will only be taking on a handful of clients at a time, I cannot guarantee a spot to anyone.

Please feel free to email with any questions. I look forward to working with you!