My name is Anum. I’m currently a third year medical student hoping to pursue a career in the medically underserved community I grew up in, with an emphasis in academia, health equity and public health research.

Pursuing medicine is a pretty full time gig but I really needed an outlet for all my other interests – photography, reading, writing, travel and spending time with my wonderful husband, family and friends – to keep me grounded and as a means of de-stressing.

In pursuing any passion, especially one that takes years of investment, it’s often hard to maintain perspective and enjoy the journey so I’m trying to put all the things that remind me to be grateful for the amazing life I live in one place: this blog. I hope that you may find inspiration here too.

Thanks for stopping by. Follow me on instagram for more regular updates and email me at heartsofhealers@gmail.com with any questions!

8 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi Anum! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would be really nice to read more about your journey in the medical field so I just followed your blog. Hope you follow back! See you around! 🙂


  2. Wow or blogging stories are very similar, I too am a second year medical student, and am married. Followed, and loving your blog and med sisters series! Keep up the good work, and best of wishes!


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