wellness workshops

in an effort to take this work offline, i’m excited to announce that i’m developing a series of politicized workshops to foster wellness in various communities, particularly those whose needs are not addressed in the mainstream wellness movement.

if you are interested in bringing a workshop to your community, please email heartsofhealers@gmail.com for rates and scheduling. while i’ve loved doing this work online, i’m so excited to share space with you all out in the real world!


this workshop is meant for women and gender non-conforming folks of the diaspora. my lived experience is specific to the south asian diaspora but this curriculum is not exclusive to that community. during the workshop we will be deconstructing stigma, unpacking unique barriers to facilitating our individual definitions of wellness and ending with tools and techniques on how best to navigate them.

testimonials by attendees: 

  • “I had an AMAZING time. I truly learned SO much about myself, my history and gained a new perspective from others. The worksheets have also been really helpful as I’ve been using them in my mind on a daily basis, especially pointing out the “negative self talk” and forcing myself to rephrase my words into something more positive. It’s truly a workshop I’ll never forget! You’re incredible!!!” – F.A.
  • “The workshop fostered a sense of community between those of us who were there. We felt comfortable to share our experiences with each other, despite coming from different backgrounds. I am happy to have been able to foster those relationships since the workshop.” – M.A.