hi-def warmth

Every year we have Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house and the past couple times we’ve had gatherings at her house, it rains! We were joking around that we’ve solved the drought – we just need to keep having parties at her place. Someone call Governor Brown!

Below you can see the rain soaked tables. Thankfully the covers from her previous party were still up so the rest of the tables were nice and dry.

My cousins did an awesome job with the decor, as usual! I loved all the fall colors in everything – so many autumn vibes. It was pretty chilly because of the rain but that actually made it feel more like Thanksgiving.

  I was wearing a blanket scarf and one of the little goobers decided that she was going to use me to stay warm while we were outside. You can see my whole outfit for Thanksgiving in my previous post!
Below is my favorite candid from that night. The little one is the youngest in our family at the moment and she’s growing up so fast! Such a spunky little lady who keeps us on our toes. Thanksgiving day was also my baby brother’s birthday (yes, he’s still my baby even though there’s a grown man pictured in the photos below) so we celebrated that as well. We got a gigantic cookie cake (because he’s not a fan of regular cake) and ice cream cake. I was so stuffed by that time I didn’t get to try either but they definitely look yummy.
After he cut the cake we tried to get a family photo and we’re clearly reaaaally good at this heh. There’s a reason I stay on the other side of the camera! Just kidding, we did get a few shots where we’re all looking and smiling but I just loved how goofy this one looked. And I love how happy mama looks – makes my heart smile.   We started getting worried about the kids running around because there’s a pool in the back yard so I told them all we were going on an adventure and we came inside and colored on paper plates (and then eventually paper)! They drew characters, pictures of themselves, flowers, peacocks and shared stories about their drawings with each other for almost two hours!! In this age of iPads and phones, I was so happy to get them to play with each other and use their imaginations for a couple hours. It honestly felt like a little bit of a miracle.
  I’m currently attempting to start studying after a long weekend with very minimal med school behavior and so far have been veeeery unsuccessful. I definitely need to find some motivation as soon as possible because finals are only a couple weeks away. Please send some good vibes and prayers my way if you can!

Hope you all have a great week!

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