It’s been way too long since I did an outfit post so I thought I’d do one today! I had to be a little creative today because I have yet to do my laundry from the trip heh. I pulled out this old black maxi skirt that hasn’t gotten some love in a while. We were supposed to have six hours of lecture so I definitely tried to dress as comfortably as possible. The afternoon lectures got cancelled because the professor had a bee infestation… That sounds like the most stressful thing ever. 

One of my go to outfits in college was pairing this maxi skirt with a crop top and throwing an oversized cardigan over it. Because it’s still too hot for cardigans, I paired I it with this oversized plaid shirt I picked up at vintage store in Fredericksburg while we were there in August. I love the faux peter pan collar on this crop top. 

I picked up these knock off (currently on sale and they’re having BOGO!) Birkenstocks from Payless at the beginning of the summer and have been wearing them almost every day since. They’re super comfortable and provide enough support so my flat-footed self doesn’t suffer after walking for miles. I only bought one pair in the store but just ordered two more (in dark brown and plum) online because I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing these for the rest of my life.

For details, I kept the outfit simple with a couple rings. I mentioned the ‘I am I am I am’ ring in my previous post. It was a birthday present from hubby. I also wore one of my midi bands on my left index finger. I also wore a couple bracelets I bought from a local vendor in Los Angeles at a Lupe Fiasco concert in college. 

Hubby and I got our flu shots today! Make sure you stop in at a local pharmacy or see your primary care physician to get yours as soon as possible. The ‘flu’ is caused by the influenza virus and can cause symptoms like body aches, fevers, fatigue. Each year a new vaccine is developed because the virus mutates fairly quickly. Vaccine developers predict the strains for the upcoming year based on early cases of the flu. Some years their predictions are more accurate than others, making the vaccine successful or relatively unsuccessful. The vaccine cannot give you the flu because it’s what’s known as a ‘killed’ vaccine and doesn’t contain all the components necessary to cause disease. Side effects of the vaccine can include mild discomfort at the site of injection and cold-like symptoms. I know that vaccines have been a touchy subject the past few years because of a lot of fear mongering by people who don’t really know anything about vaccines. Public health is something that’s really important to me and I’ll try to do a post soon about vaccines in general. Vaccines really only work if the majority of the population with competent immune systems actually get them. There are many people who have compromised immune systems and depend on ‘herd immunity’ to be protected from disease so please, please do your part and stay updated on your vaccines!

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