dots galore 

One of my favorite things about second year so far is that we have much fewer hours of required classes and classes in general. It’s a lot more independent learning and since I do best studying on my own anyway (I’m a slow learner and have to repeat everything at least ten times before I retain it), it feels a bit more manageable. And now that hubby is no longer commuting and officially moved into our apartment, I love having slow mornings when I can just sip my coffee at home and we can catch up.

I bought this black and white polka dotted dress at Target last year and it’s totally outside of my comfort zone. I decided to purchase it because I really loved the neckline, fit and POCKETS. I finally worked up the nerve to actually wear it in public today but paired this floral scarf I’ve had for a while to make this outfit a little more ‘me.’ When I was younger my mom bought my clothes and they weren’t always the most ‘fashionable.’ I remember I used to get made fun of/bullied a lot for wearing weird things and when I started shopping for myself, I tried to choose more fashionable/socially acceptable pieces. But as I got older, I realized that choosing clothing is such a great way to express yourself and I didn’t want to just wear something because that’s what was ‘in’ at the moment. So I started dressing how I wanted to and felt so much more comfortable in my own skin. But in the past couple years, I’ve tried to take more risks with outfits and every so often I step out of my comfort zone and wear things I wouldn’t normally wear. It’s nerve wracking sometimes but then I realize that everyone has much bigger things to worry about in life than what I’m wearing and then I just get over it haha. By the time I got home, I was totally in love with this outfit and was so happy about my purchase!

Seeing as I was going to be on campus from 10 AM – 5 PM today between lectures, a meeting and a doctoring class – it was definitely a topknot kind of day. If it hasn’t been clear until now, I absolutely despise doing my hair because 1) I’m the laziest person in the world when it comes to my hair (amongst other things) and 2) I have no idea how to do my hair. Honestly, even straightening my hair seems like the biggest struggle. I try to do something cute some days and just braid it or something but then three seconds later it all falls out. it’s truly sad. But it’s okay because we all have things we’re bad at in life and for me that’s making my hair anything but a blob.

For shoes, I wore the taupe Steve Madden booties I got on sale at Macy’s this summer. I’ve been trying to find something similar online so I can link it for you all but to no avail. They’ve been getting a lot of love because they’re sooooo comfortable and they go with everything! It’s wonderful.

Hope you’re all having a great week and we’ve almost made it to the weekend!

6 thoughts on “dots galore 

  1. Love your blog so much! It’s super creative and your style is really cool. I think ou should definitely check out my blog too! I do fashion and lifestyle post. Ighink you’d like it😊


  2. a) this outfit is super cute!
    b) I totally feel you on the not knowing what to do with your hair thing – I barely have the hang of blowdrying my bangs, which is about all the effort I put into anything. most days I live in either a ponytail or a bun. I wish I had more hair skills, but that’s just not something I’ve developed thus far in life.


    • Thank you! Haha so glad someone understands. I’m still trying to get my hair act together but I feel so defeated every time because it always ends up looking like a mop/mess 😭


  3. I have just discovered your blog and I love it. I am actually a medical student. Well, more precisely I will be starting medical college in less than a week. So it will be great reading about your experience as a medical student. 🙂


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