at the clinic 

Now that I’m back in school, we’ve been having clinical days which means dressing up as a ‘student doctor.’ This summer I did some shopping for professional clothing at LOFT. They were having some really great sales as usual and I picked up quite a few great pieces that I’m really excited to style. When dressing professionally, I still make being comfortable a big priority because who doesn’t want to be comfortable…? But on the real, it’s important because a lot of physical exams require maneuvering patients and that can be difficult if you’re not dressed comfortably.

Gray has always been one of my favorite neutrals, especially for clothing because it’s so easy to pair with anything. I was really attracted to this top because of the unique shoulder/neckline. The material is super thin, which is nice especially when you have to wear your white coat over it.

Return of the sass-face at hubby. I’m sure he was saying something hilarious/ridiculous but can we just admire the wonderful mustard color of these slacks. I saw it and it reminded me of the mustard skirt from a previous outfit post and I haaaaaad to have it. I also really liked the fit because it’s perfect on the hips but still relatively loose around the legs and looks great cuffed!

I’ve had these gold studded flats for a while now and I think they go really well with any outfits with neutrals. i’m still on the hunt for more comfortable flats because there are days when we’re standing for 5-6 hours straight so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!
On clinical days I usually wear my watch so I can take pulses, respiratory rates, etc. without having to find a clock or pull out my phone. Some days I only wear my wedding band (without my engagement ring) if I know I’ll be wearing gloves so they don’t tear. Getting to the middle of the block now so things are getting more intense but still managing to keep afloat. Hope you’re all having a great week!

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