little house on the prairie 

Finally doing an outfit post in what feels like forever! I’ve been battling a nasty cold since Monday and unfortunately had to miss a couple days of classes. Not looking forward to making up everything I’ve missed but apparently learning how to be a physician doesn’t prevent you from getting sick yourself. The past few days I’ve been cooped up in the apartment and really needed to get out. Hubby and I were supposed to watch Ant-man during the week but the cold kind of prevented that so we decided to do it today. There’s been a pretty intense heat wave going through SoCal the past few days so I wanted to keep my outfit as light as possible. I’ve been wanting to style this piece in an outfit post for a while and I’m glad the weather kind of forced me into dressing up a bit heh.

This piece is also from Ladies Who Lunch, a wonderful online vintage Etsy store. The dress has this gorgeous pattern on the whole piece. It has a lining on almost the whole thing (except the sleeves) so I didn’t have to wear a tanktop or tights underneath, which is a huge plus with this weather.

I wanted to break up the pattern a bit with this floral scarf, it also brings out the blue in the dress. I picked up this vintage Coach bag on our trip in Fredericksburg at a great vintage store called Hooked. The purse isn’t super visible in this photo but it’s this gorgeous plum color and went really well with the purple in the scarf.
For details, I paired this floral bracelet with a few others I picked up at a Lupe Fiasco concert at UCLA in college. And I finally got the time to repaint my nails yesterday and I feel like a braaaand new person.

Hubby and I added to our wall of polaroids from date nights and vacations. Ant-man was pretty funny but unfortunately I’m not feeling as well as I thought I was. Had a couple cough attacks while we were out and we had to cut our date night short. We did a little fall wardrobe shopping before the movie and I picked up a few pieces I’m pretty excited to style. Fall shopping is always my favorite because it’s usually relatively modest but also doesn’t suffocate me during our SoCal ‘winters.’

Hoping to get back on a regular schedule this upcoming week. Hope you all have a great week!

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