birthday weekend!

It was hubby’s birthday this Saturday and we celebrated at dinner with family and friends! It was really great to celebrate with almost all the people he cares about all in one place, which hasn’t happened in a while. We went to this amazing halal Chinese restaurant and definitely ate too much heh.

For my outfit, I wore one of the other jumpsuits I got during the Loft sale a few weeks ago. It’s this really pretty army green color and is so incredibly comfortable. The fabric is relatively thin but still opaque and because it has longer sleeves, I don’t have to worry about layering!

For details, I went with my go-to simple look of midi rings + wedding ring/band + watch. I’ve been loving this plum/eggplant shade by NYC for nail polish. I’ll probably be repainting them the same color tonight because I’m still not ready to move on to another one.
This is hubby’s second birthday since we got married and I’m so happy to have many many more to celebrate with him. I mean really, how cute are those dimples??    

I’ll be sharing a post on work/life balance soon with a bit of our story in it in the next few weeks or so. We met in college in a clinical research program (yes, I know – nerdiest love story ever) and are huge Marvel fans so I got us these matching t-shirts for his birthday. We’ll be traveling next week and are totally going to rock these matching shirts on vacation. The rest of his present still hasn’t come in yet but will probably be in a different post about home decor, so look out for that!

Hope you’re all having a great week!

3 thoughts on “birthday weekend!

  1. You should write a post about how you and your husband met and the way he proposed! I’m sure it’s a cute and romantic story. I’m a sucker for romance!!


  2. […] LOFT Jumpsuit – This jumpsuit has definitely been one of my favorites this summer. It’s such an easy outfit to ‘put together’ because you literally just put on shoes and you’re done. I love the color and that the fabric is super airy. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on the website but I did see them in a couple Loft stores in the past few weeks so check it out if you have the chance! […]


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