date night 

Finally had the chance to do a date night with hubby in what feels like forever! It’s definitely difficult to juggle both our schedules plus other family engagements but you gotta make time for what’s important. We went to one of our favorite seafood restaurants in our city. Hubby isn’t a fan of sushi so the only time I get to have any is when I go out with friends or we go to a restaurant that serves other things as well so this place is a great compromise. Although I do end up getting tempura so that he can enjoy it a bit too (yes, I know I’m so considerate…).   Doesn’t that look sooo delicious? Cause it definitely was! For my outfit I decided to dress up a bit with this long sleeved gray dress. I paired it with black leggings and these new booties I got at H&M for $15!! They’re probably not going to last too long since they’re not the greatest quality suede but it was too great of a deal to pass up. Pretty sure I was saying something super sassy to hubby in this photo, hence the eyebrow raise. Most of the photos I end up using on this blog are ones he takes when I’m just talking to him or laughing at something he says. The guy definitely knows how to make me laugh. I bought this dress last summer for my white coat ceremony at school and have worn it a ton since then. It’s super easy to dress up but can also be casual so it’s gotten a lot of love.  I love the unique shape of the bottom of the dress. It has a wing-like shape to the sides and is longer in the back. I also like how it’s sinched at the waist but not all the way around so it complements my figure but doesn’t impede my breathing/eating heh.  I recently purchased more midi bands so I wore those and my watch for details.   Hope you’re all having a great week! And an early Eid Mubarak to all those observing later this week in case I don’t post until after! We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends 🙂

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  1. […] H&M Booties – These booties have been getting a lot of love this summer too! I love pairing them with leggings and oversized shirts (that’s exactly what I wore today…). It’s such an easy way to make any casual outfit a bit dressier and I know it sounds weird but I actually like wearing these in the summer. The California sun has definitely done it’s number on my feet over the years and wearing these booties helps protect them from further damage. […]


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