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When I first started watching beauty gurus on YouTube, my favorite videos to watch were monthly favorites. It’s pretty much how I learned about new products that I wanted to try and they usually worked out for me. So I thought it would be cool if I did the same on the blog. I’m probably not going to do this every month because I mostly use the same products so it’d be pretty redundant but I’ll probably do them every so often.

Beauty Favorites – I have oily combination skin so keep that in mind when reading the reviews of these products!

  • Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Oil Free in Light/Medium – This product is a bit of a misnomer because the ‘cream’ has a relatively runny consistency and feels more like liquid foundation. The packaging isn’t the greatest – it would probably be better off with a pump style container. BUT I’ve been using this BB cream as my go-to casual ‘foundation’ for years now, pretty much since I started using make up regularly, and I absolutely love it. It gives me the perfect amount of coverage and is extremely light so it’s perfect for every day use. I use it throughout the year and it can be a bit drying during the winter so I’m a bit more generous with my moisturizer (below) during those months.
  • Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream SPF 15 – I had literally been searching for a moisturizer for my strange oily but not oily skin for yeaaaars until I stumbled upon this jar of goodness at Target. This is probably the product I’ve repurchased the most in my life (I’m pretty sure I’m on my seventh or eighth jar at the moment). I have to say that I don’t think this moisturizer is actually mattifying BUT after using various moisturizers for years, I’m happy to finally have a product that doesn’t leave my skin even oilier.
  • Essie Matte Topcoat “Matte About You” – I’ve stepped up my nail game recently and I have this weird thing where, despite having many colors to choose from, I stick to the same three or four nail polishes. So I’ve been in this in between stage of being bored with my favorites but also not wanting to try something new – perfect solution: matte topcoat, makes things different but not too different. I picked up the NYC matte topcoat a few years ago but it never really did the trick so I decided to purchase this Essie one. This topcoat is absolutely perfect! It goes well over any color and dries almost immediately. I’ve been playing with my nails all week because I’m obsessed!

Fashion Favorites

  • LOFT Jumpsuit – This jumpsuit has definitely been one of my favorites this summer. It’s such an easy outfit to ‘put together’ because you literally just put on shoes and you’re done. I love the color and that the fabric is super airy. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on the website but I did see them in a couple Loft stores in the past few weeks so check it out if you have the chance!
  • H&M Booties – These booties have been getting a lot of love this summer too! I love pairing them with leggings and oversized shirts (that’s exactly what I wore today…). It’s such an easy way to make any casual outfit a bit dressier and I know it sounds weird but I actually like wearing these in the summer. The California sun has definitely done it’s number on my feet over the years and wearing these booties helps protect them from further damage.

Random Favorites

  • Necklace stand – Until recently I thought of myself as someone who didn’t really wear jewelry much until I realized that I’m actually just really lazy. Ever since we moved to this apartment, my jewelry has been stashed away in a box under the sink where I never give it a second thought. I realized that I would actually wear it somewhat regularly if I actually remembered it existed… so I purchased this lovely necklace stand for my necklaces. Most of my necklaces are quite long so this tall stand was perfect and it goes really well with the stand I recently purchased for my bracelets. I’ll be doing a post on home decor/organization some time in the future so I’ll share more on those things in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed a bit on some of my favorite products this summer! We’ll be leaving on vacation in a few days and then I’ll start second year as soon as we’re back so things will probably slow down a bit around the blog. I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s joined me this summer and I hope that you all stick around for the long haul! As usual, if there are any posts that you’d like to see specifically, please share!

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Hope you’re all enjoying your summers!

outfit for a cloudy day 

I’ve been pretty cooped up at home studying for the past few days but one of my good friends was visiting from abroad and I’m so glad I got the chance to catch up with her for a few hours! Hanging out with people in Ramadan can be a tad awkward since “hanging out” is usually a food/drink centered activity and we’re fasting, so… But we found a shady spot and just sat and caught up after not seeing each other since December and it was really great. And since I was actually leaving the apartment, I had a reason to put on real clothes.

The weather has been so strange here in SoCal. It’s summer so it’s pretty warm but it’s also been overcast and humid. The weather was giving off a fall vibe so I went with it.

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