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i find power and healing in sharing and have been speaking openly about the struggles i’ve faced in my career, with my mental health, in my marriage, as a muslim woman of color and more on my instagram and here for almost four years now. i recently launched hearts of healers, a politicized online wellness community where we grapple with social issues and how they impact our collective and individual wellness.

there you’ll find more of what you’ve seen here over the years and more:

  • facilitated discussions + reading recommendations around various social issues (a deeper dive into what’s presented on hearts of healers)
  • reflections on my journey through medicine, being muslim and desi in these times, thriving with mental illness, being in a long distance partnership in medicine
  • tips on writing, travel, photography, style, blogging
  • current reads (w/ potential for a book club down the line!)
  • early access to: lectures, wellness groups, etc.
  • and so much more!

women, particularly women of color, are often expected to do emotional and intellectual labor at only a cost to them and while this work is a labor of love, it is labor nonetheless. unfortunately, in this capitalist world we live in financial support is often the most meaningful. funds raised will be used to foster my own wellness and to create spaces to do this restorative work with you all offline!


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