rustic catmom

A good friend of mine was just accepted to a masters’ in education program – she’s going to be a high school english teacher! I am completely in awe of teachers and how hard they work to educate the minds of our future. I’ve written about how my teachers in high school greatly shaped the person I want to be and I honestly don’t know if I’d be here, writing about my journey, if it weren’t for them.

Being the creative baddie she is, she’s started an etsy shop to help fund her education and I’d love it if you check out her store: DIY Muslimah. I purchased the burlap roses pictured below – I’m still figuring out exactly how I want to display them but this is one option. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

She also threw in this cat lap pillow as a gift to Kohl, our 7 month old kitten, and he looooooves it. He’s currently taking a nap on it next to me while I type this. It’s easy to move around so I put it on my desk while I’m studying so he can sit on the top shelf (his favorite spot) and either nap or stare out the window (his favorite thing to do). When we’re watching TV, I just move it to the couch and he either sits in his own little spot or sits on our lap with it.

Everything came packaged really well and she even included an adorable personalized note with instructions on how to take clean the pillow (just stick it in the dryer – so simple!).

My favorite thing about her shop is that she upcycles and everything is essentially hand made. I love knowing how socially and environmentally conscious my friends are – while still being incredibly creative! So if you’re looking for something for your kitten or just want something unique to add to your home decor – while supporting a student get her education so she can educate others! – check out DIY Muslimah.

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