outfit for a cloudy day 

I’ve been pretty cooped up at home studying for the past few days but one of my good friends was visiting from abroad and I’m so glad I got the chance to catch up with her for a few hours! Hanging out with people in Ramadan can be a tad awkward since “hanging out” is usually a food/drink centered activity and we’re fasting, so… But we found a shady spot and just sat and caught up after not seeing each other since December and it was really great. And since I was actually leaving the apartment, I had a reason to put on real clothes.

The weather has been so strange here in SoCal. It’s summer so it’s pretty warm but it’s also been overcast and humid. The weather was giving off a fall vibe so I went with it.

So as you can see I’m kind of a one trick pony, I again paired a bold pattern with a solid color. I paired this oversized olive green top with this colorful maxi skirt. I tucked the top in front to keep the boho vibe but also not look disheveled.

As I said before, comfort and modesty are the two most important things for me when choosing an outfit. Maxi dresses and skirts usually make that pretty easy but this top is great because it’s super long in the back which is nice because this skirt fits a little snug around my waist.

I’m not sure what in the sky was so offensive…

Recently I’ve been loving wearing just my wedding band with this midi band. It’s much more practical for the days I’m seeing patients and constantly washing my hands/wearing gloves. For shoes, I wore pointed brown flats with gold studs. I believe I got them at Target a couple years ago.


This will probably be my last post until after my remediation exam so I’ll see you all on the other side. I’m obviously really nervous but I’m hoping for the best. Thank you to everyone on here who has reached out and expressed support, it really does mean a lot. I know I keep asking but I would really appreciate any prayers or good vibes. Hope y’all have a great week and that Ramadan is going well for all those observing!

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